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Niramish Plate

From India

Taj Mahal

With Love


A Menu for Every Taste

Niramish has more dishes than ever before, and they are all ready to be served to your taste. From the mild flavors of North India to the beloved Bangladeshi (East Indian) style brown curry sauces to the hot spice blends of the South, Niramish has something for every palate. Not sure what to order? Our knowledgeable hosts and wait staff will be happy to guide you through the menu and make recommendations. Just ask them!

Spices for Your Health

Did you know that spices not only add flavor to your food, but can also improve your health? Cardamom, an aromatic spice native to India, helps digestion, while turmeric, which gives curry powder its golden color, is rich in antioxidants. Coriander has been used in India for its anti-inflammatory properties, and chili offers pain relief and reduces congestion. Drawn from ancient Indian wisdom, our spice blends will invigorate and infuse your senses with their countless curative properties.

Indian Vegetables 101

Diners new to Indian food may be overwhelmed by the menu at first. Well, here's a crash course in vegetables. If you like spinach, look for items with "shaag." If you love garbanzo beans, the channa massala (pictured, left) will be your dish of choice. Fans of lentils should try tarka daal, an aromatic mix of lentils, garlic, tomatoes and onions. Any menu item with "aloo" has potatoes, and cauliflower connoisseurs should not hesitate to order aloo kopi (cauliflower with potatoes).

Featured Lunch Special: Sizzling Tondoori Chicken 



Soothing Ambiance

Come in, relax, and enjoy a unique dining experience.


Why is Niramish so great?

This is due to a few special reasons:

  1. Niramish's food tastes exceptional
  2. Makes your tastebuds fully satisfied
  3. Its a genuine fine dining experience
  4. Ancient Indian Tradition continues
  5. Excuse to go to Little Five Points

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Hours of Operation


Sat. - Sun. 12:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Mon. - Fri. 2:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Little Five Points' Best Kept Secret

You may have walked down Euclid Avenue many times and and passed by Little Five Points' best kept secret--Niramish! Food connoiseurs know where to dine when they want the best of the best, and Niramish is Atlanta's crème de la crème of authentic fine Indian dining. We sincerely hope to see you soon so that we can share with you the absolute best Indian dining experience that our city has to offer.

Critics' Reviews

"I have been to many, many Indian restaurants throughout North America, and this one is by far my favorite. They really excel at the vegetarian dishes, and it is very much appreciated. Every time I have gone since my first time, I have been greeted as an old friend." - Jason S., Newnan, Ga.

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